October 31, 2009

Rebel in a Recliner?

Into the category of "if I wrote this in a novel, no one would believe it" stories goes this one.  A Duluth-area man souped up his La-Z-Boy recliner chair with a motor from a lawn mower and gussied it up with stereo speakers, headlights, and pinstriping. Catch is, he got picked up for a DWI after drinking too much and crashing into a car in the bar's parking lot. The Proctor, Minnesota Police Department is auctioning it off on Ebay. The bids are already over $37,000. How long before the man gets a book contract? (Read the NPR news story or the EBay bid page.)

Update: After a complaint from the La-Z-Boy company, the sale was withdrawn and then reposted as the DWI Chair. Final sale just over $10,000 proceeds to city of Proctor (11/8/09). 

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