September 21, 2009

Morning Glories

Morning glories have always been a favorite flower of mine. This year, even though I planted them early enough and they produced spectacular leaves, they didn't bloom. June, July passed, then August. There was no way to rush the blooms, no way to know if the weather would improve (too wet, too dry, too cool) . Then September came, the decisive month, the last chance. Would these sprawling dark-green vines that finally had shown some tiny flower buds bring forth their stunning flowers just as fall made its decisive mark? Taunting the weather gods, the flowers finally made their appearance in the middle of the month.

I never had thought much about the flower's name, though. I knew morning glories bloomed during the daytime, but I didn't know exactly when the one-day blossoms opened--they were usually fully open by the time I'd be out in the garden. So today, putting on my scientist's hat, I decided to track their activities. Before sunrise, around 6 am, with a nip in the air, a few blooms were already open to greet the new day, and gradually, over the next two hours, a couple dozen other stunning blue flowers joined in, reflecting the newly bright blue of today's sky.

Yes, fall is coming,
the dry trees leaves rustle blowing down the alley.
But a late reprieve:
Glorious flower opens in the morning;
morning glory.

 Photograph ©2009 Barbara DaCosta

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Anonymous said...

Growing up on Long Island NY,Patchogue to be exact, I planted as a boy for my mother at least a 60ft section of fence, of morning glories. They were called Heavenly Blues.Every morning you arose to this wall of blue with a back ground of pine woods.This is when L.I was still country.