July 27, 2008

New DaCosta Story "Hands" Premieres at Penny Dreadful

borderI promised I would write some non-creepy stories, and so here is one. "Hands," can be found in the interesting new blog of online stories called Penny Dreadful. The blog is being run by Hotbutton Press, which is also host to Blog Booktours. Penny Dreadful will post a new story almost every day, all by different authors. (All anonymous, though we authors are allowed to spill our own beans.)
Penny Dreadfuls were pulp magazines printed on cheap paper and circulated to the lower classes in nineteenth-century Britain. You can read more about them on Wikipedia.
"Hands" was written and published in one day, a new experience for me. Its genesis was simply in wondering about the many chance encounters at libraries—specifically that of a library circulation desk clerk—and what if...?
Enjoy these stories!

READ PENNY DREADFUL www.pdreadful.blogspot.com

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Anonymous said...

Loved it! Will have to show all of our circ clerks!

Leigh Anne @ Eleventh Stack.