September 27, 2007

Resort to Murder Praised

Resort to Murder has been praised in the
St Paul Pioneer Press
. "Some of the stories are about revenge, including David Housewright's "Miss Behavin' " and Hart's "14-A." Several tales offer an O. Henry-style twist, including Brookins' "A Fish Story" and Judith Yates Borger's "Hunter's Lodge." Pat Dennis describes a very odd mother-son relationship in "Mother's Day," and Deborah Woodworth evokes the dark north woods in "The Moose Whisperer." Barbara DaCosta's "Cabin" is the most surprising, and Michael Allen Mallory's "Bird of Prey" shows how far a writer will go for her craft. The sweetest tale is Joel Arnold's "Leave No Wake," featuring a pair of gay senior citizens. For lots of fun, there's Jess Lourey's "The Locked Fish-cleaning House Mystery," featuring a lively sleuth who lives in a nursing home and crashes weddings." - Mary Ann Grossmann

Barbara DaCosta was also mentioned in Andrea Sisco's review at Armchair Interviews. "For fans of Ellen Hart (I am a huge fan), she’s written a scathing take on the downside of marriage in 14-A that you won’t want to miss. Pat Dennis gives the reader a new take on Mother’s Day (I’ve got my eye on my kids now). Judith Yates-Borger takes on tradition and progress when a developer who wants to turn a resort into private homes loses his life over the decision in Hunter’s Lodge. And Barbara DeCosta deals with the death of a relationship in Cabin 6. There are also wonderful stories by William Kent Krueger (one of my favorite mystery authors), Carl Brookins and David Housewright (I loved Dead Boyfriend) and others."

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